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In working with governments and indigenous people of emerging growth countries in the South Pacific, MCG relies on established guidelines to evaluate investment opportunities. Meridian's strategy centers on its ability to identify, negotiate and implement projects that: (i) have a strong chance of receiving international financing, and (ii) that benefit the host countries socially and economically.

MCG has selected the South Pacific as a focal point for its efforts largely because the region is rich in exportable resources and yet suffers economically. The combination allows MCG to identify resources that are available for export, negotiate contracts with foreign nations and provide governments and indigenous people with economic benefit through taxation and royalties. Meridian-sponsored projects are designed to provide local governments with funding for education and medical facilities as well as improved security. The region is rich in timber, gold, crude oil, palm oil, fishery and several other staple agricultural products.

Our strategy of generating revenue through the export of natural resources, combined with humanitarian based infrastructure development creates an economic model that simultaneously profits Meridian's investors and the indigenous people of the South Pacific. Meridian-sponsored emerging growth countries lack adequate transportation, public service, sewage and water treatment facilities. Planning for the development of these facilities takes place prior to project funding. In addition, funds are reserved for hospitals, medical supplies, medical personnel, schools and supplies, as well as improved police protection. Meridian's revenue model generates sustainable economic growth through a managed approach to development within each of its projects.

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