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Trade and Information Offices

Trade and Information Offices (TIO) are non-profit sponsored organizations managed by parties with economic and humanitarian interests in emerging growth countries to open trade and investment opportunities with the US. MCG sponsors TIOs in the South Pacific to promote export trade and infrastructure projects.

Typically, there is one TIO set up in each emerging growth country to support the development and implementation of business development plans and strategies, to promote business opportunities in the host country to North American companies, and to actively foster strong relationships with the North American governments and related agencies for funding and international trade.

Under the auspices of the TIO, a team of marketing, project, and liaison specialists promote the business development of the host country through business opportunities; using the technology, products, and services of North American companies; and funding programs of international funding agencies and philanthropic organizations.

The Trade and Information Office provides access to trade opportunities with the following goods and products, including:

  • Gold
  • Timber
  • Fishery
  • Coffee
  • Cocoa
  • Agricultural products
The TIO raises the visibility of the host country as an emerging, high growth marketplace, attracts North American companies to do business there, and proves the viability of business conditions and opportunities. The success of the host country Trade and Information Office will be measured through the industries developed and promoted, projects developed and implemented, bilateral relations established, and North American public awareness.

The TIO will also act as the primary resource and coordinator for in-country officials and personnel. Services provided will include travel, meeting scheduling, technology and skill transfer programs, translation, communication, financial affairs, investment, and other support services.

Another important function of the TIO will be to provide a central tracking control and management function for all proposed, developed, implemented and completed projects. The TIO will focus on developing the construction, consumer goods, and travel and tourism industries. Special attention will be given to priorities and opportunities for both import and export.

The TIO will develop and disseminate a wide range of crucial information about the business opportunities in the host country. It will also determine the requirements of such reports and develop the study details for funding proposals to North American and international funding agencies.

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MCG is actively working with governments and the indigenous people in the South Pacific and South America to identify evaluate and sponsor opportunities for the export of natural resources. We recognize the economic and social value of providing financial resources to stimulate growth in the region. By working in collaboration with local businesses and governments, MCG identifies underutilized natural resources that can create sustainable export businesses, providing funds for education, medical facilities, transportation and security.

Listed below are several natural resources that MCG has the opportunity to export from countries in the South Pacific.

  • Timber
  • Precious Metals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Fishery
  • Agriculture

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MCG sponsors both private and public sector financing for infrastructure projects in the South Pacific. Emerging growth nations lack basic amenities such as clean water and refrigeration to ensure proper health standards. In light of this, MCG sponsors infrastructure projects that vastly improve the health, social and economic welfare of emerging growth nations by working with local governments to identify select projects that most improve the lives of the indigenous people and create platforms for sustainable growth.

Listed below are examples of infrastructure projects that we sponsor through project financing.

  • Roads
  • Bridges
  • Water Treatment
  • Sewage Systems
  • Electrical Power

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MCG identifies key technologies for deployment in emerging growth nations with the potential for immediate and sustainable impact on the indigenous people. We source capital from developed nations across the globe for investment in technologies that will expedite the modernization of emerging growth countries in the South Pacific. Many countries in the South Pacific are highly deficient in technologies that developed nations take for granted. Telephone systems are either antiquated or do not exist outside major cities. Modern machinery used for agriculture, manufacturing and distribution are lacking or deficient and construction capabilities are limited by a shortage of modern equipment and engineering expertise. Listed below are a few of the technologies in severe shortage in emerging growth nations:

  • Communications
  • Manufacturing Machinery
  • Construction
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